Treasured People & Possessions.


The Private View of Treasured People and PossessionsTreasured People and Possessions is a community exhibition to celebrate Peterborough’s, vibrant and creative population. The exhibition presents an insight into the extraordinary lives of everyday individuals from diverse backgrounds who have made Peterborough their new home. They share details of their lives through objects and stories about their traditions, and the richness of experiences, struggles and achievements

Opening Sat 16th Feb 2019
In 2018, Peterborough celebrated 900 years with Vivacity’s ‘Treasures’ exhibition at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. Precious objects from Peterborough’s past were shown together in the city for the first time.
In 2019, Vivacity’s new ‘Treasured People and Possessions’ exhibition continues to celebrate the rich heritage of our city and its citizens. It features photos, treasured objects and the true stories of the people and communities behind them.


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